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The animals are happier than us. We are unhappy animals.

Once upon a time, there was a man who was born with a pair of 3D glasses on, and these were never taken off until the day of death. Similarly, there was a woman born with a pair of bioptic glasses on, and these also were never taken off until the day of her death. 

Questions are: What do these glasses mean to the woman and man? What do they possibly think about while they are wearing their glasses? Do you think that they both have a conscious realization that they were actually wearing glasses the whole time in life? 

My answer would be, no. I would say that they don’t see the glasses for actual glasses, that their pair of glasses are already a part of the body like their arms, legs, and heart. So a woman and man see the same world through their own glasses. Let's call the glasses a kaleidoscope. Let’s suggest, that they recognized that they have been seeing the world through their own kaleidoscope in their 20s? Are they seeing the same things? Are they having the same reflection of the world through their own kaleidoscope? 


When the man and woman have a different view or a conflict of a subject, would the man or woman be willing to take off the kaleidoscope to try and see a completely new & unknown perspective-based world? Would the woman and man be willing to exchange their pair of the kaleidoscope and see & feel vice versa? Let’s suggest, they fall in love with each other, are they willing to step out of their comfort zone to exchange the kaleidoscope and view what both individuals see & feel? How often are they willing to change the kaleidoscope for each other? Are they willing to make compromises and sacrifices for each other? Are they willing to be seen; deeply & love with whole hearts, even though there's no guarantee?

It’s extremely hard, I have to say……

People are very different, the highest aspirations and goals in different races and cultures are certainly different than one another. For Canadians, the aspirations and goals may be; creativity, passion, self-employment… do what you love, etc. Living in the moment is very important as well. Things like skating, vacations, and camping are all part of life goals. The highest aspirations and goals of Chinese people could be to buy as many lands or houses as they can, and wait for the price to go up & sell to make money. Work harder, keep saving and invest smarter. When the White people see Chinese people live a circle of working, saving and investing. In their eyes, Chinese people are like rats who always go running around in circles for their life in a room, never go out of room enjoying their life even for a single day. They have nothing but money, what a boring life! What’s the point to be alive in this world? When the Chinese people see White people go on vacation during holidays instead of working as double paid, it becomes a perfect education case to teach their kids - “You are not going to have a vacation with a couple of dollars in your pocket and struggle for tomorrow’s bread after coming back from your vacation. The time you will go on vacation is after you graduate from IVY League University and own successful business.” When Indian people see how Chinese and white running around working and vocation, they cannot stop laughing at all of the people. “You guys – poor mortal humans are still struggling to survive in the three-dimensional space just like an animal who is born to eat, poop, sleep, produce, mate, reproduce and die. Look! We have already reached the four-dimensional space and we have one step ahead to discover moksha.”


If you tell a bat that we have daytime and nighttime, the bat must say, “What the hell is wrong with you? Shut up, it’s always nighttime.” If you tell a dog that the sky is blue and the flowers are red, the dog must bark at you and say, “What the hell is wrong with you? They are white and black.” Who is right? Who is wrong? Why? The answer is, you are right, but the bat and dog are not wrong. The same world reflects upon them differently because they have different kaleidoscopes. There is no right or wrong, they are just different. 


The truth is that nobody consciously realized that they’ve been wearing the kaleidoscope - to see the world in different things, have different opinions and make different decisions based on the world they see through the kaleidoscopes.


You made a decision based on numbers. You asked how much savings I have. You know how much I make now. You can analyze how much I might be worth now and how much I might be worth in the future - based on statistics you have on me. Of course, because you are a sagacious mathematical genius. However, I made a decision based on how I feel in my inner universe. I wanted to choose and be chosen in a blind situation where I seem poor and desperately vulnerable, not where I have a big number in my bank account. I wanted an oral commitment to be made only that day, not before or after. You may call me a death wish kind of artist and a romantic risk-taker. I would say yes and pack my belongings without a second hesitation if you said we have to live in an Indigenous area or Dharavi slums in order to be together. I was willing to risk my whole life for an oral commitment that might not ever work in the future. That’s love realistically, isn’t it? You said I was irrational and spontaneous, I said that I was a goddamn genius. Otherwise, how can I know who I was really fighting for, in a perfect time? Otherwise, how can I know who I was willing to give up my other potentials and to take a full-time Job and IELTS for, in a perfect time? The decision has to be made in perfect time. Everyone has got their own clock. For me, the perfect time was only that day that time. For you, the perfect time would be 10 years later someday sometime. We just have a different clock. I wanted you to fight for us to be together no matter what; You offered to fly over helping me to pack my belongs and say goodbye. You don’t know what you want, I know exactly what I want. You are scared of the craziness, and I love the fear, It turns me on. There was nothing wrong to have calculated love, there was nothing wrong to have not calculated love at all. Another thing worth mentioning - how much I am worth is not a thing because I already know my own worth. How worthy I am or will to make your worthy more is the thing. You underestimated me babe. You think I am crazy, I think you are a liar; you always love me, I always love you, no matter what, all through our own kaleidoscopes. You are right, but I am not wrong. We are just different, the love of my life.

In modern society, we believe in science and we make connections with the universe by using our 7 senses of sight, touch, smell, hearing, taste, vestibular, and proprioception. We use the tools of our five senses to create a magnificent world. I am often wondering - what about the inner world, inner universe? How does it work? What our world would look like if we cannot touch or see anything that existed in front of us but only inside? Say if we cannot touch or see other people & objects, but could only see & feel the pressure, temperature & vibration of your own erythrocyte, platelet, leukocyte and red blood cells.… etc. What our world would look like if we cannot smell or taste anything outside but only inside of you? Say if we couldn’t taste or smell delicious food or yet, taste expired food, but could only smell or taste food in your stomach, the internal waste and blood inside of you. What our world would look like if we could not hear anything from outside. No music, any noise or your mother calling out your name - but only the sound of blood flowing in our heartbeat , the sound of food digesting in the stomach, and the sound of blood circulation and our pulse. The human body is a big and complicated machine. How much do we not really know?


During my early teenage years, all I cared about was how I can use the tools of my 7 senses to survive better in the bustling metropolis of Shanghai. I never dreamt of purposely using my 7 senses to fall in love, feel liberation, accomplishment, satisfaction, morality and discover values, etc. Simply due to formulas on how to survive - practicality and feasibility. There were no formulas on how to fall in love or be loved, feel liberation, happiness, accomplishment, satisfaction, morality and discover values, etc. I did not know that love is uncontrollable, love is powerful, love is blind, love is crazy, love is painful, love is heartbreaking - until I experienced true love. At the end of the day, have to say, overall, love is so worth it. Love is the mistake you don’t ever want to fix. Because It feels so good, like every cell underneath your skin is excitingly vibrating at a very high speed going through your whole body and connecting with your mind in the end. It’s like the organism was paused forever only for you and you have enough time to enjoy every second with it being so powerful and satisfying……


The overall fact is that I was much happier living one single purpose of surviving in life back in the day, but the thing is, I cannot go back to the former stage where i was belong and I don’t want to go back. Because I have evolved or I’ve seen things. Just like humans cannot degrade to a monkey and go back to live in Africa. I am addicted to feeling senses of falling in love, freedom, happiness, soul connection, liberation, accomplishment, satisfaction, morality and my values, etc. I desire to feel all of it, and I am willing to take more risks, I am willing to become a better me, I am willing to give more, I am willing to love deeper & crazier.

The questions are: Where do the senses of love, freedom, happiness, liberation, accomplishment, satisfaction, morality and values come from? What do these senses - see, touch, smell, hear and taste like? How much are they? How to prove how much I feel it when I feel it. How to measure my sense of love, freedom, soul connection, dreams, happiness, liberation, accomplishment, satisfaction, morality, and values being enough for me? 


The challenge now is, how can I update the tools of my 7 senses to create a plan to assist myself to achieve my sense of love, freedom, dreams, happiness, soul connection, liberation, accomplishment, satisfaction, morality and values. Animals who have the same tools as our 7 senses are not seeking that. Humans are different, how can I prove I am different than animals?


Have you realized a weird fact that our life path is already designed by an anonymous God - let's call it Creator, shall we? We are born, study, graduate, work, get married, have kids, retire and die at a certain age. Everybody’s life path is pretty much the same, even the same order. I have never heard of anyone who ever came out to say something about getting a chance to redesign their life path. Let’s say - I don’t like to be born before I am married, I want to retire at age 20 and have kids at the age of 76 after I graduate school at the age of 58. Who created the traditional life path and why does everyone have to live with it? What the purpose to live and follow the transitional life path? What are we for the creator? Pawns on a chessboard? If we are only the chess pawns, does this mean we are not supposed to have a feeling of love, freedom, dreams, happiness, soul connection, liberation, accomplishment, satisfaction, morality and values? It does not make any sense and it’s a pure contradiction here. So in the end, we are all just animals like  animals. If we are all just animals,  aren’t we supposed to just eat, poop, sleep, produce, mate, reproduce and die? 


The reality is that we humans are living the three-dimensional space, but we want something in the fourth or higher-dimensional spaces that animals are not able to reach. We are not going to figure out what they are and how to get it because the tools of our 7 senses are not advanced enough, or we haven’t figured out how to really use the tools of our 7 senses. The contradiction is that we are animals, but we cannot accept the fact that we are all just average animals. We want to become something more than an animal, but humans are not able to become an enlightened God. The solution I can possibly think of is either to find a way to become an enlightened being or figure out how to step out of the three-dimensional space to reach the fourth or higher-dimensional spaces to connect with our inner universe. Both solutions sound very challenging . We are stuck between the animal and the enlightened being, that is why we are unhappy. The animals are happier than us. We are unhappy animals.

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